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Why do we make the toys out of wood?

Because we care about the future lives of our children. Because we don’t want the planet to be thrown into chaos. Because we’re bothered by the low-quality plastic toys that children play with for a few hours before throwing them aside.

Swing as a writing desk

To fight against this outcome, our wooden toys:

1. Are eco-friendly and recyclable, they do not burden the environment.
2. Are safe, you don’t have to worry about any allergies.
3. If damaged, they can be fixed, nor is it a problem to add spare parts to them (e.g., if any of the wooden inserts are lost, you can email us for a replacement).
4. Are durable, they’ll last for multiple generations.
5. Entertain children for many years and flawlessly help them train both their gross and fine motor skills.
6. Smell nice and are pleasant to the touch.
7. Because they’re made from natural materials, they have their own soul.

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