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How toys inspired by the Montessori method of education will help your children develop

Every parent wants to give their child the best. But that doesn’t mean covering them in a pile of toys. For us, we're parent who prefer the Montessori method of education, which gets its name from the Italian physician Maria Montessori. Her motto was “Help me to help myself”. This specifically means preparing the environment for your child where they can manage basic actions on their own (e.g., a low-hanging coat rack, a tower of learning in the kitchen, etc.) and also providing them with toys that help them develop in a playful way. But how exactly can you do this?

Gross motor skills

Maintaining balance, dexterity, and coordination. Gross motor skills encompass all these actions, and more than just frequent movement outside (playgrounds, playing in the forest, etc.) can help to practice them, especially in winter when motor toys become a great help. And that goes for the Pikler triangle, swing, and slide, which doubles as a climbing wall. Children can use these toys to train the muscles in their legs, arms, and even their crucial ab muscles, which influence body posture.

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are centred in the dominant hemisphere of the brain, as is language, which is why training the fingers and fine hand movements is quite important for life. You’ll find many activities for using the fingers on our activity board houses, including latches, cogs, and motor labyrinths.

Little girl playing with wooden puzzle at the Activity Board House

Preparation for everyday life

Marie Montessori believed that children are curious by nature, which is why toys shouldn’t only be made to entertain but also to teach basic actions in a playful way. For this reason, our activity boards include zippers, poppers, and shoelaces so they can learn how to tie their shoes. And any one of our towers of learning is also great even for younger children.

A child helps in the kitchen with the help of a learning tower

Developing the senses

Because our Montessori-inspired toys are colourful, featuring various shapes and surfaces, they naturally help develop the senses, especially sight and touch.

 Siblings playing together with a swing

Social skills and logical thinking

While playing, the children are also learning concentration, patience, and single-mindedness. And thanks to several components, they’ll even start to understand that every cause has its own effect (e.g., flipping the switch turns off the light).

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