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About us

Our story

We’re two families – two mums, two dads, and 5 kids. When our children started to walk and discover the world, we bought them an interactive toy. However, it soon broke and had a screw sticking out. And it’s this exact screw that launched our business. We decided that we’d make the kids a toy that would be safe and help improve their development better than all those constantly loud and flashing toys.

Photo of the founders of Busy-Kids

Our first toy

Did you know that children want to have a place of their own where we adults can’t climb in after them? And that’s how the idea was born to create a wooden house. But not just any old house. We devised the idea to have the walls and roof full of interactive components inspired by the Montessori method of education.

The dads began working on the drawings, plans, and subsequent production, while the mums came up with ideas for the kinds of interactive components to include. It was hard work; we created loads of versions, but in the end, our first house was finished in 2017. And we still have it to this day.

From the garage to our own workshop

We showed the little house on Instagram, and we haven’t stopped since. Parents were glad to see that everything was riveted and quite sturdy. We use the highest-quality birch plywood as well as solid beech wood for some products. We originally started in a 20 m² garage but today we work out of our own 1000+ m² workshop.

Toys for toddlers and pre-schoolers

Aside from the houses, we also make interactive cubes and boards, swings, slides, Pikler triangles – simply everything that truly helps children develop, while also keeping them entertained for a long time. That gives us parents a moment to breathe. All our toys have European certificates of quality and safety (EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3, EN71-8, EN71-9, 1907/2006 REACH).

Every month, over 1000 mothers trust us with what they hold most dear: the safety and development of their children. We will strive to never betray their trust.

Anna and Anatoly, Alexandra and Andrey