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Getting active on our toys: A physiotherapist’s recommendations

The facts make it clear: The number of overweight and obese children is continuing to rise. According to data from the World Health Organisation (WHO), 39 million children under 5 (in 2020) and 340 million children and adults aged 5-19 (in 2016) were overweight. When compared with the year 1975, the prevalence of overweight and obese children and adults increased from 4% to 18% by 2016. Plus, the COVID-19 epidemic only served to add to this number.

As parents, we know all too well how important exercise is for children, which is why we began working together with Czech physiotherapist Markéta Muchová. We gave her, and most importantly her children (ages 3 and 6), one of our wooden swings to put to the test. As you’ll read below, the swing can be used in loads of exercises that aren’t only fun but also help train the muscles.

Physiotherapist Marketa Muchova recommends exercising on our toys

Children can use the wooden swing to strengthen their core

The wooden swing caught my children’s and my interest straight away. They use it every day. Sometimes, they purposefully practice their balance, while other times they simply play on it, which is still a form of exercise.

The wooden swing is a great balancing tool when training stability. Children stabilise the joints of their whole body while holding balanced positions. The most beneficial of these strengthens the core muscles and activates the muscles in the arches of their feet. It’s great that my kids can stay active even if the weather’s bad and we can’t spend as much time outside.”

Tips on exercises on our wooden swing

Recommendations by physiotherapist Markéta Muchová:

  • For safety reasons and for better muscle activation in the arches of the feet, it’s important to exercise barefoot.

  • If your child is dealing with movement system issues, and you’re unsure of the correct procedure, allow a physiotherapist to examine the exercise.

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