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Where do children play with BusyKids wooden toys?

 A boy playing with BusyKids House

When we first created the multifunctional BusyKids house, we wanted it to be an educational toy that develops your child’s motor skills. But we also made sure that the toy is portable enough so that the kids can play with it practically anywhere. Thanks to its easy storability, well-thought-out individual components, and design, you can use the small house:

In your home or flat

We offer several colour options so that the little house fits just as well in the playroom as it does in the living room.

At children’s groups and primary schools, whether they are private, state-organised, corporate, Montessori, or for nurseries

Not only can multiple kids play with the house at once, but it can also be used in collective games (e.g., running around it, climbing inside, hiding and finding things, etc.) or even as a puppet theatre.

At maternity centres

The small playhouse does not take up much room but can entertain several children at the same time. Also, it does not feature any irritating elements, making it a good alternative for when a child does not want to participate in organised activities, for example.

In children’s corners for cafes, restaurants, and even hospitals, banks, public offices, libraries, and designated “Family Points”

Children’s corners are meant to be fun but also, ideally, unintrusive for those around them. And that is exactly what the BusyKids playhouse and its thirty various activities can do. Nothing on the house blinks, plays sounds, and, apart from the wooden inserts, there are not any parts for the children to walk away with. All in all, it is a motor skills and didactic toy that hundreds of little visitors can enjoy.

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