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A BusyKids toy as a perfect birthday gift


Training fine and gross motor skills with our toys

Are you wondering what to buy for your son or daughter for their birthday but want to find something meaningful, something that will not end up forgotten in the corner of their playroom? Then look no further! Not only will our wooden toys inspired by the Montessori style of learning entertain your little ones for years to come, but your tots will be happy to come back to them time and time again. Also you will feel good about having bought a toy that helps your child’s development and is environmentally friendly!

What toys will you find here?

Why choose a BusyKids toy as a birthday present?

I live by the motto: It is better to have one real wooden toy that ten plastic ones that will only fall apart after a few days or weeks. And sure, a quality wooden toy costs more, but:

  1. both toddlers and pre-schoolers will enjoy playing with the toy,

  2. it really lasts long; as soon as your children grow up, you can simply store it away for your grandkids one day enjoy and benefit from the toy as well,

  3. it serves multiple purposes, why buy multiple when you can have one?

  4. it naturally develops motor skills,

  5. it does not make any irritating sounds; you do not need to constantly change the batteries :),

  6. it looks nice inside your home.

A small play house as a gift

Grandmothers and grandfathers. Are you wondering what to give your grandchildren as a gift? And you want it to be something that entertains everyone, without your living room always looking like a cluttered toy store? Or maybe you are the parents and you are thinking about getting a present for your energetic twins? Speaking from experience, I would highly recommend the BusyKids playhouse.
It is a purposeful wooden toy inspired by the Montessori style of learning, which, compared to many plastic, blinking, noisy toys, actually help children in their development. Considering its higher value, the small play house serves as a fantastic gift for Christmas or birthdays. But, of course, there are many other gifting opportunities as well. Perhaps one of your colleagues or friends would find them useful after just having a baby? All it takes is a few months to go by and the small house will become the perfect partner for the little discoverer. It will be the perfect partner in crime up until the child is around six years old.

Children playing with the new BusyKids Toy

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