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Gift ideas for their first birthday

It goes without saying that every parent wants to give their child the best. But that doesn’t mean buying them a mountain of toys. According to children’s psychologists, less means more. That’s because when a young discoverer is surrounded by loads of playthings, they feel overwhelmed and will, paradoxically, play less than if they only had one or two toys to play with. Plus, children tend to appreciate their toys less when they have too many.

If you’re currently wondering what to get your little buddle of joy for their first birthday, then it’s better to buy them a few purposeful toys than a bunch of aimless ones. And because these types are usually more expensive, the grandparents could also pitch in.

A girl playing with the wooden house

How to recognise a good toy for a 1-year-old?

According to our experience as parents, a toy should be:

Safe for their health

This is the most important criterium, which is why our toys are treated with water-based varnishes and feature certificates of safety and quality.


It’s obvious that such a small child can’t quite yet play with toys carefully. That’s why sturdy toys are better – toys that can withstand some rougher play. Plus, such toys will last for their younger siblings or even remain in the family for the next generation of children. That also means that a durable toy contributes to protecting the environment. When making a purchase, remember that children ages 3 and younger shouldn’t play with toys with small parts, given they pose a choking hazard.

Siblings playing with the Montessori house

Not too complicated

The idea that the more a toy flashes with lights and plays various sounds, the more it’ll entertain your child, isn’t true. With simpler toys, kids employ their creativity and imagination more and focus less on only pressing buttons.

Help with development

Learning by playing is the best. That’s why toys should be variegated, helping the child to develop their senses or motor skills.

Cog wheels develop motor skills

5 tips on what to buy your child for their first birthday

1. Motoric toys

Gross motor skills are tied to fine motor skills, which is why movement is so important for small children. Also, when your kid uses the swing in the morning, the likelihood is great that they will prefer playing sports when they grow up, thus reducing the risk of obesity.

Our wooden swing would make a great partner for your 1-year-old. Not only is it used for swimming but can also be turned into a small play table or shop counter. And, most importantly, it acts as a solid support for standing and a “safe harbour” for their first steps.

Little girl playing with activity board

2. Activity board

During their second year on earth, children start to learn the principle of cause and effect, and they’re fascinated with what they can impact with their actions.

That’s why a board with activities or an interactive cube is sure to capture their interest. These toys exercise their little fingers and teach them patience and single-mindedness.

3. Books

Fairy-tale stories, pop-up books, educational books with little windows. Simply put, books are the ideal gift for kids of any age. They help to develop speech and build a positive relationship with reading and the desire for new information.


4. Musical instruments

Even 1-year-olds can start to develop their musical side. You can buy them little drums, a xylophone, maracas, or even a small electric keyboard. But the cheapest musical instrument is simply a few wooden spoons from the kitchen. 😊


5. Blocks

Wooden, colourful blocks are perfect for children, as they help build their hand-eye coordination. Just like with construction sets, blocks have the advantage of withstanding rough play while also motivating them to create new games.


Final tip on playing without toys

Even though many people in today’s fast-paced world believe that toys are always needed for playing, the opposite is actually true. Small children are great at entertaining themselves with everyday household items, like bowls, lids, wooden spoons, or a small broom and dustpan. And they’ll be 100% satisfied when you dedicate some time to them. Simply jumping in puddles or rolling around in a barrel in the grass make for some great ways to have fun.

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