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Furnishing the children's room: how to do it?

Children's room furnishings: what to get?

Ready to treat your child to a beautiful room that you didn't have as a child? No need to pay for interior designers, you can do it yourself. We just recommend that you don't go overboard with the colours, and choose furniture and accessories that will help your child become independent so that they can truly be their own boss in their room.

Create zones for individual activities

Even if you only have a small children's room, try to create a sleeping and play area and ideally a reading and creative zone. This will make your child calmer as they'll be more confident about where to find things. In terms of space, we recommend having the largest area as a play area and using the walls as well as the floor.

Choose lighting according to the zones. A warm white light (yellowish to orange tones) is suitable for the sleeping area to induce relaxation and sleep, while a bright white light is better for the reading, learning, or creative corner to stimulate activity.


In the reading corner → bookcase and chair. For the play area → climbing frame, swing or Pikler triangle.

Get furniture that grows with them

We're parents ourselves, so we know very well that a child wants to do many things for themselves. This is why we recommend helping your child to furnish their room. Specifically, this means choosing furniture that will match their height so that they can handle toys, books, and other things on their own. And if there's something placed higher in the room, the learning tower or the step stool is a great partner.

For drawing and other artistic activities, we recommend getting a set of growing table and chair. This will ensure that your child won’t slouch when making and, most importantly, will have good habits for school. Our larger growing chair will also help to sit properly and can be used with a dining table or larger desk.

Because we strive to adhere to the philosophy of Montessori which is based on the principle "Help me to do it myself", we started to produce low cabinets and bookcases. These allow your little one to take the book or toy they want, and then you can show them again how to return it to the same place. This way, you naturally educate them towards order.

Choose neutral colours, then liven it up with accessories

Of course, as your child grows, their tastes change, but that doesn't mean you have to completely change your child's room every few years. If you decide to paint it neutral (white, light grey, beige) and furnish it in white or in wood, it will look good whether a toddler or teenager lives there. Use stickers, cushions, fabric boxes, furniture handles, or rugs to brighten it up, in short, accessories that aren't that expensive and still add pizzazz to the space.

FINISHING TIP: In rooms for toddlers and preschoolers, don't forget to put covers on the outlets. Also be sure not to have a floor lamp in the room, the child could knock it over on top of them.

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